7th October 2019

Engage! at the 85th PEN International Congress

The Engage! project was presented at the 85th International PEN Congress, which took place in Manila under the title "Speaking in Tongues”.

Jaume Subirana (Vice President of PEN Català) and Simona Škrabec (President until Manila of the International Committee on Translation and Linguistic Rights) presented, before the audience of the congress, the European project led by PEN Català.

During the two and a half years of the initiative, different activities were brought to the general assemblies of PEN International. PEN International is one of the collaborators of the Engage! project together with the ICORN network and the network of creative cities of UNESCO. Thanks to the collaboration of these organisations, it has been possible to publicise the results of the Engage! project to more than 200 cultural organisations of European and an international scope.