24th January 2019

Meeting with SILO in Belgrade

NAHIDE ARABADJI. I am Nahide, from Det Fria Ordets Hus, in Väjxö (Sweden). From 16th to 19th January 2018, I had the pleasure to represent "Engage! Young Producers" by joining the members of the "SILO" project in their meeting in Belgrade (Serbia). SILO stands for "Socially Inclusive Literature Operations", and it is aimed at making accessible foreign European literature for everyone. Both Engage! and SILO are co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the EU, and we believe it is important to join our efforts to learn from one another, since we both work to develop literary audiences.

I showed them the newly launched platform of Engage!, and the various organisations that have uploaded their best practices on the online catalogue. I also told them more about how we have been working on different projects within the literary field with young adults.

I explained to the SILO members my experience working with youngsters that have never written poetry before, and how I use different tools to reach out to new students in the field. At the meeting, I had a chance to listen to the different experiences within  SILO, and learn from them. We found various ways to use each other's knowledge in our projects, both within Engage! and SILO, and we were also inspired by the visit to the Krokodil Center for Contemporary Literature, a very interesting venue you should definitely visit if you ever go to Belgrade.