17th octubre 2019

The Krakow Festival Office publishes the educational materials created during the Engage’s poetry workshops

Educational materials are a targeted publication for teachers and educators working with young people aged 15-17. It contains 10 scenarios of poetry workshops, each based on one poem by a contemporary poet, who was nominated for the most important poetry award in Poland -the Wisława Szymborska award-.

The scenarios’ main task is to complement the classic school canon, in which there is no place for the latest and contemporary poetry touching on urgent problems. Each of the scenarios proposes interpreting the poem in relation to contemporary cultural texts so as to interest young people in poetry.

The publication is free, it will be sent to all teachers with whom we cooperate and those who want to receive it all over the country. Teachers will be able to use it both during school and extracurricular activities.

You can download it HERE!