Case Study

Engage!: Young Arts Professionals

Over the course of 9 months, 15 “Young Arts Professionals” were guided and advised by the National Centre for Writing as they were given the reins to design and deliver their very own Festival in a Day, as part of the 2019 Norfolk and Norwich Festival. Their festival explored freedom of speech in the global and digital world – with a focus on cultural activism in the arts.

The main aim of the project was to empower a group of young people, providing them with the professional skills they need to design and deliver a festival in a day as part of a busy arts festival/organisation. The project also recorded an example of best practice when working with young people in an authentic, youth-led manner.

The National Centre for Writing wanted to give legitimate and authentic youth leadership opportunities to young people with an interest in literature and the arts, in order to allow them to develop their professional skills, as well as to explore their creative endeavours. In doing so, the National Centre for Writing also hoped to create a more diverse audience for its events – allowing programmes to be created by and for young people.