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First Literary Dates

The project has two phases and takes place in the Instituto Manuel Montalbán, in Sant Adrià del Besòs in Barcelona. 17-18 year-old students are asked to organise, through teamwork, various literary menus: Asian, vegetarian, high-calorie, haute cuisine, etc. Each menu corresponds to a kind of book. In the second phase, students must read several books from the assigned menu, and after the readings, sessions are organised in which their thoughts on these works are shared. Once these students have knowledge of the chosen works, their mission is to promote the readings among the students of different secondary courses. High school students are responsible for the dissemination of their readings among the students of secondary courses: they make book trailers for the books they have read, hang menus and place promotional posters in the classrooms. On the day of the event, students decorate the classroom in a theme relating to the subject, and like on the TV show, the classroom turns into a restaurant with drinks and snacks.

Sant Adrià de Besòs, Spain
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