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Mandarache. Premio Jóvenes Lectores de Cartagena

The project consists of two international literary awards for narrative: the Hache Award for Youth Literature and the Mandarache Award for Young Readers. The Mandarache programme also includes meetings with writers, presentations, book signings, reading clubs, literary gatherings, poetic recitals, and performances. Mandarache currently has 60 promoters and more than 5,000 young people registered on their programme. The Hache Award is made up of 360 reading committees (6 members in each one), 2,160 young people between 12 and 14 years old and the Mandarache Award is made up of 500 reading committees (6 members in each one) and 3,000 young people aged 15-30. The project revolves around the two literary prizes mentioned above as well as Mandarache +30, a network of reading clubs for people over 30-years-old and the Mandarache Notebook, a writing workshop for 15 youngsters to be trained in creative literature. The project was awarded the 2014 National Prize for the Promotion of Reading and the “Los Mejores” of La Verdad Prize in 2017.

Organization leader
Grupo Promotor Mandarache
Cartagena, Spain
Contact info
Paseo Alfonso XIII, 51
30203 Cartagena 
Telf: 968128862 ext. 7140 
Email: mandarache@ayto-cartagena.e