Case Study

Festival Dos Eidos

The ‘Eidos Festival’ is a festival of scenic poetry, music and culture. This festival has been celebrated every year since 2015 and is a 3 day cultural programme of different artistic expressions relating to literature: recitals, concerts, performing arts and the body, exhibitions and tours in the countryside in the Courel region in Galicia, Spain. In 2018, the fourth Festival Dos Eidos ran from 22-26 August hosting 70 activities in which 100 artists participated with musical and theatre performances as well as dance and poetry recitals. The programme also included guided visits to the Uxío Novoneyra Foundation – located in the birthplace of the poet -, the Rubial and to the ironworks of Seoane, and to a workshop about the traditional uses of native plants. There were also lectures by Jorge Linheira and Germán Labrador on literature and gastronomy.