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Letras y Fútbol

Letras y Fútbol is a literature and football festival held in Bilbao, organised by the Athletic Club Foundation. It is celebrated every year in November. It is aimed at the general public and, particularly, to those with a love of football. All activities are open to everybody and free, since the main objective of Letters and Football is to encourage the regular football fan to find interest in other aspects of culture too.

The main programme of Letras y Fútbol is meetings in which writers at both a national and international level talk about the relationship between football and literature, understood in a broad sense, from novels to opinion columns, through theatre, poetry, scripts, or the lyrics in music. At the same time, activities to promote reading are carried out (Athletic Club de Lectura), as well as printing unpublished football stories and promoting campaigns to encourage reading among young people.

Bilbao, Spain
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