Grupo Promotor Mandarache

Composed of an assembly of citizens related to the book world or education, the Grupo Promotor is the decision-making organ of the Mandarache Project.

With more than thirty volunteer members, the Grupo Promotor holds at least ten meetings each year with the aim of defining the campaign profiles and furthermore acting as a selection committee for the finalist texts for each edition of the Mandarache Prize and the Hache Prize.

This group of people who are committed to the objectives of the Mandarache Project is comprised of high school teachers from different disciplines, municipal librarians, school librarians, university librarians, booksellers, reading facilitators, book group leaders, youth experts, students’ parents, and volunteer citizens.

Cartagena, Spain
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Paseo Alfonso XIII, 51
30203 Cartagena 
Telf: 968128862 ext. 7140 
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